About This Bastard

According to an IQ Test we will keep unnamed, Dc the Sad Bastard is a “Practical Wordsmith.” He is a highly organized, realistic, and detail-oriented person, who thinks clearly and uses his substantial verbal skills to eloquently convey his ideas and get his point across. He is able to pick up new words, fundamentally understand their meaning, and use them at his own discretion. He flexibly articulates himself in any form of communication, no matter how abstract or challenging the circumstances may be, in order to express and explain things in the most precise way possible, whether in a professional or personal context. And when faced with an unclear situation, he takes the practical approach, more likely than others, and is able to focus on the most pressing problem to come up with the appropriate solution.

the sad bastard

 While those test results hold alarmingly ample truth to his persona, in reality, Dc the Sad Bastard is a sad, sad little man, probably even the saddest most pathetic one around. He is lazy and good-for-nothing, as evidenced by his current unemployment. Friends and family will easily testify that he contemplates procrastinating every single day of his life.

As ho-hum days continue to pass by, it is becoming quite aparent that he has no ambitions in life. He will openly admit to being an antisocial in a heartbeat, thus his social and love lives are in critical shape. He holds the deepest grudges over the most shallow and petty of trivial feuds, that has the desired tendency of driving people in his life away. In his poor, sordid defense, this is all because he is sick and tired of people always taking him for granted, which for some reason they are always naturally inclined to do. He whines and bitches a lot, and has issues with everything and everyone in the world, which he gladly blames his estranged father for. It is in his most astute opinion that his father is nothing more than an honest-to-goodness scumbag-slash-asshole-slash-jerk who caused him severe abandonment, trust, and intimacy issues. He’s been so hurt and unhappy his entire life that he’s become bitter and cynical, especially over other people’s happiness. He now claims to be perpetually clinically depressed, probably as much as he is ever on time (which is never, in case you were asking).

Dc the Sad Bastard is an only child who lives with his mum along the outskirts of the posh side of our country’s business capital, though he is neither posh nor business-oriented. He graduated from the royal and pontifical University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Unfortunately for him, however, he found out from early on that while he considers his major to be a truly practical course, both in field and in life, he doesn’t really have any innate aptitude or knack to make it in the industry. Apparently, being a spoiled only child who’s so used to getting away with murder, he cannot, for the life of him, physically work in servitude to others. Besides, those university people were lying when they told him there were plenty of opportunities in the hospitality industry, when in fact there was none, except for becoming a “Food Attendant”, which is pretty much a dead-end job that can last for eleven or so years, and sometimes not even, as most hospitality-related jobs have a height requirement which this sad, sad little man simply cannot meet. Currently, he’s trying his luck at becoming a small-time and not so talented Animator, and will soon (any day now, or so he says) get off his fat ass to find himself a decent school that will teach this young grasshopper the ropes.

 not frodo

Dc the Sad Bastard is most probably slacking off right now in front of the telly, helplessly snacking on fast food take-out and whatnot, apathetically gaining insurmountable amounts of flabs just so he’d have something to bitch about. Yes, Dc the Sad bastard is that pathetic, and no, he is not Frodo.


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