The Matrix Factor

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It has recently come to my attention that ‘girlworld’ and The Matrix must probably co-exist on similar planes of existence. Leather dominatrix secks outfits aside, there’s one thing that they have the most in common– a never-ending obsession with ‘The One’.

They say that every girl, even from when they were little, dreams of her perfect wedding with the perfect man. Someone who will love her unconditionally and who will share his life together with her in harmony. Someone who who will take her as his wife in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, and till death do they part. Someone who will be ‘The One’.

The way I see it, it’s not so much the wedding but the marriage that girls are fantasizing about. Marriage is the perfect culmination to a love-filled relationship. To find that one special person to spend the rest of their lives with is the ultimate female fantasy, just as a threesome with Scarlett Johansson and Marisa Miller is for any guy. But if that truly is the case, how much of it exactly is reality from fantasy?

The reality is, no one’s life is ever long. It’s way too short to be trifled in with the sad stuff in life. And everyone finds happiness and comfort in partnership. Which is why at a certain age, single people somehow feel a certain universal desperation for a life partner, a “soulmate”. This is especially rampant among women.

A little bird (and whatta geek this little bird was) once told me that Mathematics tells us three of the saddest love stories never told. There’s the story of Tangent Lines, who will meet at some point in their lives before parting ways for the remainder of time itself. There’s the story of Parallel Lines, who are never even destined to meet each other at any point in their lives. But then there’s the story of Asymptotes. Now these babies are the worst, the saddest of the bunch. Asymptotes will get as close to each other as humanly possible, but no matter how intimate they become, no matter how much effort they put into it, they will never ever be together. Some sort of intervening cosmic force is just hell-bent on keeping them apart. Romeo and Juliet never even stood a chance.

There’s always the possibility that there’s no such person out there as “the one”. What if this whole belief system of a ‘soulmate’ existing to be with one person only in the entire world is nothing more than an urban myth? Should we all keep looking for such a person, or should we settle for someone else? What if the person you’re destined to be with is in another country? Are soulmates affected by international laws? What about the language barrier? I couldn’t help but wonder, is the quest for ‘The One’ just a woman’s means to find purpose in life? Because let’s face it, life can be a bitch. Women are, after all, much more emotionally fragile than men. I guess this is where that desperation comes in. The practical solution is to find someone that you have enough similarities with, and be done with it. Instead of leaving it up to chance that you will find “the one”, settle for someone your reality shows you is right there.

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Tsk, Tsk…

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I can’t believe what Chris Brown did to Rihanna!

chris ri-ri 

Reports have been going around lately that Chris Brown beat girlfriend Rihanna up. Rihanna even had to make a call to 911; it was that bad. Apparently, they had been arguing over at some park, and that’s when he violently attacked her. Some argument that must have been.

Brown fled on foot before the police arrived, but was arrested later on for domestic assault. However, he has since made bail amounting to $50,000. Both artists failed to appear at the recently held Grammy’s. I believe they were supposed to perform, and Brown’s stint was replaced by an impromptu collaboration performance (as was the theme of that night’s award show) by Justin Timberlake and T.I.

No news yet on why Chris Brown did what he did, or why he and Rihanna were arguing in the first place. Rihanna is said to be recovering from multiple bruises on her face at Cedar Sinai Hospital .

Suffice it to say that I think everyone is supporting Rihanna on this matter. No matter how heated the argument, it doesn’t give Brown the right to resort to violence.

Seven Pounds

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I don’t understand why this movie was entitled Seven Pounds…


Nevertheless, I thought it was really good. It was kind of depressing, though. Maybe I say so because it caught me completely off-guard. I knew it was a serious film, I just didn’t expect it to be about this really depressing tale. For some reason, I thought it was like a suspense thriller or something. I thought it was kinda like Faust’s story, I thought Will Smith was like God or the devil or something, and he changes seven people’s lives for the better in exchange for something. But no, it was about this really touching albeit depressing story.

Seven Pounds is about remorse, and the long hard search for retribution.

C is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough for Me

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Got myself a new cellphone today… I couldn’t resist! I figured that even if I’m poor and unemployed, it was time to replace my almost 3 year-old Nokia 6680 (stupid Globe never sent us a new one for retention *harrumphs*). Also, I was thinking of getting an iTouch anyway, so this is just like hitting two birds with one stone. Plus new toys are always the best remedies for bouts of emo-ish depression (which 2009 has been perpetuating thus far for me).

Actually, this would’ve even beeen an impulse buy the other day had I not controlled myself. Somehow, I managed to stop myself, go home, and read the reviews over the internets first. See? I wasn’t being the irresponsible spoiled brat everyone assumes me to be. I exercised restraint, then became the irresponsible spoiled brat everyone assumes me to be.


So anyway, that’s how I got me a Cookie!

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Inkheart stars Brendan Fraser as Mo Folchart, a person with the ability to bring books to life by telling them aloud.


I find the premise of this movie unique and interesting. And while the movie started of promising, I think the story would be better off if it remained as a book. I thought the acting was a bit lacking in terms of depth. The bad guys weren’t bad enough, the desperate heroes weren’t desperate enough. But the special effects were nicely done. Kids will probably like this movie, though, maybe even find it a bit scary, which is good since its target audience is children. In that regard, one could say that it was effective.


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Is it really over??

Last night I watched the 4-episode finale to the Avatar. And it’s sad to find out that it was the end. I guess this hit me pretty hard because I really expected that there would be 4 books, the last being the book of Air. But the literal words “The End” were displayed after the finale episode, much to my dismay, and this didn’t exactly appear on previous books.


Aang’s choice.

Of course, I fail to think of possible future storylines, now that Sozin’s comet has gone, and ex-Firelord Ozai was defeated at the epic final battle (which was everything you could hope for in a final battle, btw).

Although, there is the unresolved issue of Zuko’s missing mother, and what felt like a cliffhanger moment when Zuko was sort of threatening his now imprisoned father to tell him where his mother is, only to have the scene change to the next. No word as well of what happened to Azula. Not even a confirmation that she truly has gone mad. All these, I was already expecting for the next and final book, Book Four: Air. But alas, those dreaded words appeared, and here I am, writing a sad, sad post, over this sad, sad moment.

Avatar will surely live on in the hearts of all Avatards, like myself. Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, u guys so rock!


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I’m having a major Avatard moment!

Picking up where the last episodes left off (which was the eve of the invasion), the greatest cartoon series ever made, Avatar – The Legend of Aang, returns with new back-to-back episodes on Nick!

avatar-12 avatar-4 avatar-5

Mondays-Fridays, 5:30 PM, on Nickelodeon

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