Funny Sh*t

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Found this on Baddieverse:

Awesome Song

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Gawd, this song is awesome.

Gran Torino
Jamie Cullum
Gran Torino OST

So haunting, so raw, so sad…

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Where’s My Damn Chicken!?

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Recently I visited KFC because they had this commercial airing on Tv about their new product, the Cheesy BBQ Meltz. It looked really good in the commercial that I just had to try them.


KFC’s Cheesy BBQ Meltz

Don’t mind the poor quality of the photo. It’s my new phone‘s fault. Turns out it takes really, really, really, crappy photos. Which sucks since I’m into photography.

But that depressing-looking thing you see there is the above-mentioned new KFC product that I wanted to try so badly. And I know that you can’t really have expectations with this kind of stuff since they pimp it up in the advertisements, but come on! That’s like a third in width of what was on their ads and commercials. And it didn’t even taste good. I hardly tasted any chicken.

They also had another new product, the Boneless Meal, which is a breaded chicken breast fillet served with rice and a drink. It’s like their 1-pc Chicken Meal, only without the bones. Of course, I had to try it out, too.


KFC’s Boneless Meal

Well, this sucked too. The slab of meat that was supposed to be chicken breast was just bunched up dark chicken meat. Which is kinda gross. I wish they’d improve their food’s quality, instead of cutting down costs.

You might be wondering why I succumbed to their ads. Well, they did pretty good with their Famous Bowl and their Pasta Bowl, so I thought they were finally starting to shape up.


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TMZ recently released this photo:

rihanna bruised face

It’s a leaked image of RnB singer and red carpet stunner Rihanna, after her alleged Chris Brown beating. *shudder*

I like Chris Brown and his music, but after this… I think he should be locked up.

Back to Life

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One of my favorite television series ever (I don’t care what anyone says, I think it’s clever and witty and quirky and funny and really, really well-written) is back for its second season run! Finally, after months and months of ample waiting, it has finally come to Philippine shores.

normal_s2p1 pushing daisies cast

I thought the first episode, while rather bleak, started off very interesting, what with Olive Snook quitting her job at The Pie Hole to join a convent, and Chuck moving out of Ned’s place. The same secrets from season 1 remain untold, like Chuck being alive still, and Aunt Lily being Chuck’s mother, and even Emerson Cod’s unknown daughter. It’s like the show never even had a brief hiatus. I guess we’ll all just have to keep tuning in to find out what happens next with these plotlines.

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Here’s what I can’t stop listening to lately (yeah, like anyone cares):

Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat
We Sing, We dance, We Steal Things

This is my current favorite song. I simply fell in love with Colbie here, I could listen to her sweet, sweet voice forever!

…Or at least till the day I get tired of this song. (lawl) But the duet is simply fantastic. Their voices together are perfect, I can’t even imagine any other pair singing this song. And the lyrics are just lovely. I think it’s about long-distance relationships. But regardless, the song really does make you want to fall in love, which is perfect since Valentine’s is just around the corner. ❤

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Push Kinda Like

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Push was that kind of film.


You know, that edgy little b-film that has that indie kind of vibe, is probably written by a comic book fanboy, and is mostly intended for the not really smart but not really moronic kind of audience, a younger but mature kind of crowd. It didn’t look commercial or your typical Hollywood action flick, and I doubt it would win any snooty substantial award, but it was really, really well-made. It reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino film, actually. There was texture, texture everywhere! The actors sort of lacked the emotional depth desperately needed to make the movie’s story even remotely compelling, but it sure made up for it in visuals. It did suffer a bit in the action department, considering that it’s an action thriller. Hardly any gore, and the fight scenes were almost a snooze. Final battle wasn’t even epic, not for superpowered humans, at least. Nothing in the movie happened that had me hanging off the edge of my seat. In fact there were lots of holes in the story. The plot itself is not something I haven’t seen or heard before, and was only made new by the visceral experience of having the Hong Kong slums for a movie setting, and their unsophisticated psychic terminologies. Not that I found the story monotone, I just wish it were more haunting, more personal. The characters could’ve been developed more. And I won’t mention the effects. I found them mediocre. They should’ve pushed the envelope when it came to the psychic powers.

chris-evans camilla1 dakota-djimon1

But nevertheless, I liked this flick. It wasn’t as monotonous as I probably made it sound, I just think it could’ve been better, you know? And I totally dug the edge, and the quirkiness of the characters, except for Chris Evans’ character Nick. There was just nothing special about him. But again, the visuals involved in this movie totally saved it from doom. It was almost like everything else about this movie was made to be subtle (in a good way) to make way for the standout visual impact of the film. Seriously, I liked it despite my criticisms. It wasn’t bad at all. Push is a must-see.